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The DEBOS Building Operating System offers modules and solutions to make your spaces safe, healthy, and sustainable.

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Arcos building - Valencia

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Riodeva building - Valencia

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Urban Sky - Malaga

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Jardins del Forum Phase I - Barcelona

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Jardins del Forum Phase II - Barcelona

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Jardins del Forum - Barcelona

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    The DEBOS solutions

    Smart Community

    Use our connected technology to efficiently reserve shared spaces like swimming pools or tennis courts, access the building safely or find free parking spaces easily.

    Smart Home

    Configure and automate your smart home modules to enhance building performance comfort of living and efficient use of resources.

    Smart Office

    A cost-saving office with smart security, optimized employee productivity and general improved well-being for everyone in the office.

    Smart Retail

    One powerful solution for management, access and security solutions.

    Smart City

    Connected technology to enhance city life with services like energy sharing, efficient transport and green environments.

    Our modules at a glance

    • Access
    • Wellbeing
    • Management
    • Supplies
    • Security


    Open any door with up to five different types of digital and automatic keys with maximum security.

    • Parking
    • Gate Magnetic Key
    • Gate Mobile
    • Gate Keypad
    • Monitor Intercom
    • Home Door
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    Take care of everyone's well-being by controlling lighting, humidity, temperature, air and water quality.

    • Heater Control
    • Blinder Control
    • Thermostat
    • Air Quality
    • Power Control
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    Controls everything that happens in the building; room reservations, capacity control, temporary permits, registrations/cancellations...

    • Booking Reservation
    • SmartHome Screen
    • Gateway
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    Manage supplies such as water and electricity to avoid wasting resources and to detect leaks.

    • Power Metering
    • Water Valve
    • Water Metering
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    Connects an intelligent alarm system to protect facilities and users: cameras, sensors, alerts...

    • Indoor Camera
    • Smoke Detector
    • Fire Detector
    • Gas Detector
    • Flood Detector
    • Opensensor detector
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    Upgrade your place

    Get in touch and learn how your place can become a space to call home

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